Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just another week ...

The boys went home Monday night and Makayla was so sad when “Oah” left.

Tuesday was spent at the mall Xmas shopping.

Wednesday I went grocery shopping to restock our fridge that the boys emptied. Makayla is so much help already. I just give her a list and we meet up in the middle ;)
Thursday Makayla had an appointment with a GI specialist (finally). She got tested for Celiac Disease and we should get the results in about a week.

Friday was a lazy day and Steve left for Buffalo on Saturday.

Sunday, game day ... another loss ... shocker ... there are no words ...

We had a slumber party all weekend. Tasha, Jessica, Lenora, Makayla and I were in our PJs since the boys left. The house was a disaster because we have a "no cleaning" rule when the boys are out of town. Then, after the game, we clean frantically and shower before they get home and it’s like the girl’s weekend never happened ;)

I've been getting more and more nauseous. Yesterday I felt pretty good for the most part but today I'm on my "deathbed". I've only thrown up twice but I'm also only 6 weeks along!!!! Steve to Makayla to the mall in Miami to give me a break. Last I heard they were spending all our money in baby GAP. That little girl runs Steve's life!!!!!

This is our friend we met on our walk ...
That's it!

Have a great week!

Monday, December 03, 2007

We hope Santa brings you more joy ...

** This post is full of pix, video clips, and exciting news. Just know, most weeks are not as exciting so all posts will not be this good ;) Tip: If you want to make any pictures bigger so they're easier to see, I think you can just click on them and they'll open in their own window.

I’ll begin this post with a recap of yesterday and last week's Monday Night Football. Last week was a great game … but … WE LOST … and yesterday we just LOST AGAIN!!!! I don’t know why I’m surprised at the outcome every time.

Tuesday was a very exciting day in our house. Steve got home from the game around 4:30 am and then Makayla and I woke up for the day two hours later. I have no patience, so as soon as we woke up I ran into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!! I took it on Tuesday because that is Steve’s only day off and I wanted him to be there when I found out this time (last time it was my mom). I had taken one the Tuesday before but it was negative. I just knew I was pregnant so I waited another week and tried again. Sure enough … boom … two lines. I ran into the room to wake Steve and tell him and he was less than thrilled at the moment. He had only been asleep for an hour and his response was, “yeah, I’m tired” (in a very slow, sleepy voice). I decided to let him sleep while Macky poo and I celebrated. Steve ended up being so excited; he was just too tired to process everything. Later that day Steve took us out for a “celebration” lunch and when the hostess asked how many, he said 4, she thought we were waiting for someone else and he was like, “no, 4, we’re all here”. She was confused. We relaxed the rest of the day, walked around the mall, called family and just hung out.

Due around August 1, 2008

I can’t remember what we did Wednesday, I’m losing my mind, but Thursday Tasha and I took Makayla to see Santa. I can’t show you the picture of choice because I don’t want to spoil our Xmas cards but here is a preview of how that event went …

and a close up ...

Later that night we had Reagan, Jessica, and Reagan's brother over for dinner. I made a delicious pot roast … I am turning into such a good little housewife ;)

Also, I guess earlier in the day Michael Jordan showed up at one of Steve’s meetings. Steve said all of the NFL guys went into shock when MJ walked in. They all started taking their shoes off and asking for autographs, and drooling and stuttering like 10 year olds. Ha! Immediately I asked Steve where our signed shoe was but of course he is “too cool” and didn’t ask for an autograph … WHATEVER!

Random Pictures from Thursday
Paul Reading Makayla a bedtime story …

Steve making ugly faces and playing X box …

Friday morning Les, Saia, Kelly, and little Noah flew in. Makayla was so excited for Noah to be here. She hung out with the boys all day. Here is a pic of her walking to the gym with them when they went to work out.

She was loving it. Friday night all of the boys went to the Miami Heat game while Macky and I stayed home. She is so funny. Here is a little clip from our night ( I accidentally took this video in time lapse so it is way too fast ... there are other videos to make up for this mistake ;)

Saturday we stayed home all day and hung out with everyone. I made Italian sausages for everyone … again … a great meal ;).

And, finally, yesterday was game day. We know how that ended up. Here are some pix and video clips from the game.

A nap on the way to the game ...

Looking for her seat ...

Makayla drinking soda ...

Makayla drinking more soda ....

Makayla trying to look cute becasue she knows she got CAUGHT drinking a soda!!!

Makayla and Maia ...

Makayla and Noah ...

Makayla dancing ...

and more dancing ...

At last, me and my turkey!!!!!

That's it!

We hope you all have a great week!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and more

It’s Monday, which means I owe all of you a new post! Thank you for waiting so patiently … I suffered little harassment ;) I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was better than we anticipated. We’ll get to our Thanksgiving a little later though.

We have been so busy down here. My Mom and Dad and Kyle and Erin came out the weekend before last. It was so much fun. Dad wasn’t feeling well so on Saturday he slept off his sickness while Mom, Kyle, Erin, Makayla and I went on a South Beach tour. We met one of the other wives, Jessica, down there with her sister, who was also visiting, and took a land and water tour. We got to see all of the landmarks … most importantly, Miami Ink … hahaha. We also got the tour of Star Island where we saw all of the stars homes (J Lo, Shaq, Gloria Estefan, etc). There was nothing good for sale so Steve and I won’t be moving there anytime soon ;) (yeah right)! On Sunday we watched the boys lose AGAIN and then we just hung out the rest of the week. Dad was actually here on business so he had to work.

Kyle, Erin, and Makayla on the tour

Later in the week, Steve and I attended a charity event for A Child is Missing. Steve was busy shaking hands and giving autographs while I followed him around with my glass of wine, smiled, and made small talk with everyone ;) We also made a donation which won us two items in the silent auction. All in all, it was a fun evening. Makayla stayed at home with babysitters for the first time! She did so well. Another one of the guys on the team has 4 little girls. They are 4, 19 months, 1 year, and 1 month!!!! YIKES! They live in the same complex as us and have formed a gang with Makayla. They hired the sitters for the night so we took Makayla to their house.

Makayla and the girls in her new room

Jessica and I at the ACIM Event The next day the team left for an away game. Jessica came and stayed at our house while the boys were gone.

Steve’s first night back he attended another mixer for his Chaplain’s ministry foundation but I stayed home. When my parents were here they kept Makayla for 3 nights and then she had the sitter so I decided I’d better stay home with her and give her some TLC. When my parents took her it was my first time spending the night away! Steve and I were more sad than she was but it was nice sleeping so sound and not waking up at 6:30am!!!!

Steve’s cousin, Noke, flew in from Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with us. We had some of Steve’s teammates and their families over for Thanksgiving dinner. There were about 20 of us. I made my very first turkey and it was great! I cooked a 20 lb. turkey, 15 lbs. of mashed potatoes, and about 5 lbs. of stuffing. NO LEFTOVERS!!!! The rest of the meal was pot luck so everyone brought a dish. We cleared all of the furniture out of our living room and had tables and chairs delivered. Steve also has another cousin who just moved to Miami for work so he came over also with his wife and kids. Their little girl is so funny, she took this video clip of Makayla (turn up the sound). It’s short but funny.

They took the picture of my turkey so I will post it after I get their email.

Our living room before dinner ...
Our living room during dinner ...

On Black Friday Tasha and I went shopping to buy all of our Xmas decorations. The house is already completely decorated and beautiful.

Saturday, Steve and I went over to John Beck's house to watch BYU beat Utah ... boo. Steve was interviewed on a radio show before the game ... here is the link to listen (click on the link, Steve is the 3rd interview down, about 4 minutes in) ...

Last night I had to go and get Makayla her own little tree because she insists on undecorating the big one and was going to pull it on top of her. I thought if I got a little one that she could play with she would leave the big one alone .... so far, so good. She has pulled the little one on top of her several times though. We decorate it every hour.

Caught in the act ....
Her little tree ...
The boys play Monday Night Football tonight against the Steelers so be sure to check it out. Maybe we’ll get a win. Rumor has it that the Miami police are going stop giving speeding tickets and fines; instead, they are forcing violators to buy tickets to the Dolphin games!!!!!!! Hahahaha … boo …

Here is a pic of Makayla checking her myspace!Have a great week everyone! We miss you!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Clarification ...

My post today was titled, "we're baaaaaack", but there was some confusion. I meant "we're baaaaaack" on the web, our site is up and running again. I definitely did not mean "we're baaaaack" in California. It's bitter sweet but we won't be home for the holidays this year.

Just wanted to clear that up!

Welcome back!!!

This has been an unfortunate season for the Dolphins. Since I will be updating on Mondays, I will probably include a bit from Steve’s Sunday game so I thought I would update you on the season thus far.
8/11 Jaguars 18-17 W
8/16 @Chiefs 11-10 W
8/25 Buccaneers 28-31 L (it’s all down hill from here)
8/30 @Saints 0-7 L
Regular Season
9/9 @Redskins 13-16 L
9/16 Cowboys 20-37 L
9/23 @Jets 28-31 L
9/30 Raiders 17-35 L
10/7 @Texans 19-22 L
10/14 @Browns 31-41 L
10/21 Patriots 28-49 L
10/28 Giants 10-13 L (played in London)
11/11 Bills 10-13 L
11/18 @Eagles 17-7 L
11/26 @Steelers 8:30pm EST (Monday Night Football)
12/2 Jets 1:00pm EST
12/9 @Bills 1:00pm EST
12/16 Ravens 1:00pm EST
12/23 @Patriots 1:00pm EST
12/30 Bengals 1:00pm EST

And to put a smile on everyone’s face here are some pix:

Steve Fifita #60

Halloween 2007

Makayla was a skunk! She is too cute!

Day at the Beach

I am happy to say the weather has finally changed around here and it is beautiful! The humidty and high temps have left Florida … hopefully until at least march!
Here we go again ...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I'm not sure if anyone is even checking this blog anymore but we made it home! Finally! We actually got home on the 27th but have been adjusting and getting used to being back in the states. On our way home Makayla and I met my mom in New York for a few days and then the three of us flew home together. New York was so fun! We are just sitting around the house now relaxing. Steve is home for a few weeks and then he moves back to Miami for camp. Hopefully Makayla and I will be moving there too after the season gets started. We will keep our fingers crossed.

As for the blog, I will not be posting regularly now that we are home. I think if we move to Miami I will restart the blog to keep everyone up to date but most of my readers are local so it is pointless for me to continue right now. Sorry for those of you who are not local. I will be sure to notify all of you if the blogging continues or restarts. Hopefully the blog will continue after the summer with our little family finally relocating to the southern east coast. ;)

Until then, have a fabulous (and safe) summer!!!!!


Heidi, Steve, and Makayla

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Makayla said her first word, "ball"! Except she says, "baaaawlllll" ... now everything is a ball! She is getting so big!

This is an old picture because everything is packed so I can't put new pix up!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're going to the World Bowl!!!!!!!!

To those of you who may have thought we were supposed to be home last night, that was a false alarm. Makayla and I were going to come home yesterday but since Steve won his last game and is going to play in the world bowl we are staying now. Also, after we leave here, Makayla and I are meeting my Mom in New York and staying there for a few days to finish our very looooong trip! We are so excited! We will be so busy this week. There is a whole event schedule for all of us. I think tonight we have dinner with the mayor ... so now we have to go shopping for new stuff to wear. We can't be photographed at these events in the same outfit twice ... it's rough being a celebrity's wife ... hahahaha!

We'll be home soon enough. Miss you all!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All better ...

Goodness! It has been quite a week. On Saturday Makayla woke from her nap with 103.8 fever. I used IBuprofen and cool washcloths to keep her fever down but it kept coming back through Monday night. Then, Tuesday morning she woke up and her temperature was 96! A contact we have out here took us to a local pediatrician and translated everything for me. After describing all of Makayla's symptoms the Dr. asked if Makayla had a rash and I said no. Within minutes of the Dr. taking off her shirt to examine her, a rash spread across her body ... it was bizarre! The Dr. said, "Oh, there it is. She is healed now". Apparently she had the "3 day fever" which ends in a rash and means she is healed. It is some weird German Disease and only babies under 3 can get it and once they do they are immune for life. The Dr. said if her fever comes back in the next few days though to bring her back because she could have German Measles ... fabulous ... she hasn't had her MMR vaccine yet so hopefully she just had that "3 day fever" thing. Today her temp. is back to normal and she seems to be cured. We need to get out of this place!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, I had some nasty flu bug as well ... basically, it was good times all around. Did I mention we lost ... boo ...

Here is a pic to cheer everyone up!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hangin in there ...

We haven't forgotten about all of you but Makayla and I have been sooooo sick!!!!! Posts will be coming your way soon!

Heidi, Makayla, and Steve

Friday, June 08, 2007

All by ourselves .....

Again, people have come and gone. Ella Grace and her mommy left this morning *tear*. Here are some pictures from her birthday party last night.

Makayla Standing ... all by herself ....

Makayla and Daddy looking crazy ...

Ella Grace in all her glory ...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella Grace!!!!!!!

We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing! Makayla and Ella Grace woke up the other morning with 103.6 fevers!!! Her mom and I assumed they had the same thing so we let them play.
Also, last week while Steve was gone I tried to keep Makayla on schedule and get her eating more so she starts sleeping better. I found this German baby cereal that is supposed to make your baby sleep all night and I will be buying it in bulk to take back to the states. The girls here joke that it’s just ground Tylenol PM … I say whatever works ;)
If she wakes now it’s usually only once and after she’s been asleep for at least six or seven hours; of course now that we have this down to a routine it’s almost time to travel home and start this vicious cycle all over again. Anyway, Steve and I have had fun taking pictures of her while she is knocked out. Steve has become quite the photographer ;)
We’ve all been reading a lot too …
Other than that there has not been too much excitement. Today is Ella Grace’s 1st birthday so we’re having a party tonight and then Ella Grace and her Mommy leave tomorrow morning. They weren’t able to change their ticket like the airline promised so they have to leave on their original departure date … drama … boo! We’re sad. The team leaves tomorrow too for Hamburg but Erin, Makayla and I are going to stay here.

Oh, I guess there has been some BIG news … like, 8lbs 14oz of big news!!!! Last Saturday Steve’s brother’s wife, Winona Fatfita, finally exploded and a beautiful baby boy was born … Dash Havili Fifita. Congrats! We can’t wait to meet you!!!!!!