Monday, May 11, 2009

April 2009


Pretty Girl …

Watch out J Lo …

Uncle Mani’s 50th Birthday …

I took the girls to the Santa Ana Zoo with Sandy and Sean … it was so fun we bought an annual pass. I can’t wait to take the girls again!

We also took the Kids to “Mother’s Beach” … again, another awesome place to take the girls!

(me before I lost 15lbs!) :/

I took the girls to see the Easter Bunny. Nia was so cute but Makayla wanted nothing to do with him.

Fifita Easter

Easter Sunday

I took Makayla on the HUGE ferris wheel at the Spectrum … OMG … that thing is soooo high in the air and moves so slow. Makayla loved it but I wanted to throw up the whole time! I was trying not to curl up on the floor in the fetal position ;)

Makayla is hilarious and we all know she is obsessed with the Backyardigans … here is a clip of her doing one of the dances she memorized from watching the show.

And finally for April, busy month, Nia took her first swim! She loved it!

March 2009


Makayla had her first trip to Legoland!!!

President Obama came to Costa Mesa to speak and his helicopter flew right over our house … it was so cool! Makayla is obsessed with Barack Obama so she was very excited.

Makayla loves to do dishes … good thing, I needed a housekeeper ;)

“How big is Nia?” … “SO BIG!”

Makayla got a new ipod and rocks out to “Single Ladies”

When Nia gets thirsty I just let her lap water out of the dishwasher … it’s much more convenient …

Uncle Kelly’s going away BBQ. Time for him to get back to work ;)