Friday, July 12, 2013

Another day, another journey ...

Wow!  I can't believe "January" in May 2010 was my last post!  A lot has happened since then ;) Once Steve was done with the NFL we moved back to Orange County and were surrounded by friends and family so the blogging came to an end ... until now ...

*reminder: I am not a professional writer by any means ... this is just a way to share our experiences and life with those who are interested*

Quick recap of the past 3 and a half years!!!!!
Steve's career with the NFL ended and we moved home.  He played a season of Arena Football and wasn't thrilled with the opportunity.  We made the big decision for him to stay  home and play "housewife" while I went to work (after all, I do have a Masters from USC).  This was great for a couple years.  I was climbing the corporate ladder in management ... the girls were thriving ... Steve was hangin' in there ... I was expecting baby #3, Malia Melevesi Fifita ... and then, to make a very long story short, I got laid off the day I returned from maternity leave, September 2011.  Steve and I were both unemployed, in Orange County, with three girls under 5!  We had a beautiful house in Fountain Valley and we were struggling.  Steve worked as many odd jobs as he could to try and make ends meet.  He was a substitute teacher, coached high school football, did security/bodyguard work, was an MRI "model" (he literally got paid to lay in an MRI machine for hours!!!!), basically anything he could get his hands on!  In April 2012, my Mom convinced Steve to play in the alumni football game at the University of Utah for her 50th birthday.  She said all she wanted was to watch him play one last time. That trip was the best decision we could have made.  Steve basically left Salt Lake City that weekend with a job offer that changed our lives.  July 2012 the girls and I moved out of our house and in with my parents and Steve moved to Utah to be an Academic Coordinator for the football program and Team Chaplain.  He LOVED working at the U.  This past March Steve accepted the Defensive Line Coaching position at Idaho State University and we're making the big move!  Steve and I immediately found a house to rent in Pocatello, Id.  He came home in May and we moved all of our belongings and cars. I took the girls out there for a week at the end of June to see our new home and they loved it!  Big things are finally happening for our little family.  This is a stepping stone for us and we are so excited to see where our journey goes next.  Now that we are leaving everyone behind I will be blogging again.  I'm hoping to update once a week when the girls and I are out there and a few times over the summer to get the hang of it again.   Fingers crossed ... enjoy the ride! ;)

Upcoming posts include * The Girls' 1st Trip to Idaho (the house, Malia's 2nd birthday,  our trip to Yellowstone Bear World), * The Wedding of the Century, * Birthday/Going Away Party, * Our SoCal Summer ... stay tuned ;)