Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I'm not sure if anyone is even checking this blog anymore but we made it home! Finally! We actually got home on the 27th but have been adjusting and getting used to being back in the states. On our way home Makayla and I met my mom in New York for a few days and then the three of us flew home together. New York was so fun! We are just sitting around the house now relaxing. Steve is home for a few weeks and then he moves back to Miami for camp. Hopefully Makayla and I will be moving there too after the season gets started. We will keep our fingers crossed.

As for the blog, I will not be posting regularly now that we are home. I think if we move to Miami I will restart the blog to keep everyone up to date but most of my readers are local so it is pointless for me to continue right now. Sorry for those of you who are not local. I will be sure to notify all of you if the blogging continues or restarts. Hopefully the blog will continue after the summer with our little family finally relocating to the southern east coast. ;)

Until then, have a fabulous (and safe) summer!!!!!


Heidi, Steve, and Makayla