Thursday, June 21, 2007


Makayla said her first word, "ball"! Except she says, "baaaawlllll" ... now everything is a ball! She is getting so big!

This is an old picture because everything is packed so I can't put new pix up!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're going to the World Bowl!!!!!!!!

To those of you who may have thought we were supposed to be home last night, that was a false alarm. Makayla and I were going to come home yesterday but since Steve won his last game and is going to play in the world bowl we are staying now. Also, after we leave here, Makayla and I are meeting my Mom in New York and staying there for a few days to finish our very looooong trip! We are so excited! We will be so busy this week. There is a whole event schedule for all of us. I think tonight we have dinner with the mayor ... so now we have to go shopping for new stuff to wear. We can't be photographed at these events in the same outfit twice ... it's rough being a celebrity's wife ... hahahaha!

We'll be home soon enough. Miss you all!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All better ...

Goodness! It has been quite a week. On Saturday Makayla woke from her nap with 103.8 fever. I used IBuprofen and cool washcloths to keep her fever down but it kept coming back through Monday night. Then, Tuesday morning she woke up and her temperature was 96! A contact we have out here took us to a local pediatrician and translated everything for me. After describing all of Makayla's symptoms the Dr. asked if Makayla had a rash and I said no. Within minutes of the Dr. taking off her shirt to examine her, a rash spread across her body ... it was bizarre! The Dr. said, "Oh, there it is. She is healed now". Apparently she had the "3 day fever" which ends in a rash and means she is healed. It is some weird German Disease and only babies under 3 can get it and once they do they are immune for life. The Dr. said if her fever comes back in the next few days though to bring her back because she could have German Measles ... fabulous ... she hasn't had her MMR vaccine yet so hopefully she just had that "3 day fever" thing. Today her temp. is back to normal and she seems to be cured. We need to get out of this place!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, I had some nasty flu bug as well ... basically, it was good times all around. Did I mention we lost ... boo ...

Here is a pic to cheer everyone up!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hangin in there ...

We haven't forgotten about all of you but Makayla and I have been sooooo sick!!!!! Posts will be coming your way soon!

Heidi, Makayla, and Steve

Friday, June 08, 2007

All by ourselves .....

Again, people have come and gone. Ella Grace and her mommy left this morning *tear*. Here are some pictures from her birthday party last night.

Makayla Standing ... all by herself ....

Makayla and Daddy looking crazy ...

Ella Grace in all her glory ...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella Grace!!!!!!!

We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing! Makayla and Ella Grace woke up the other morning with 103.6 fevers!!! Her mom and I assumed they had the same thing so we let them play.
Also, last week while Steve was gone I tried to keep Makayla on schedule and get her eating more so she starts sleeping better. I found this German baby cereal that is supposed to make your baby sleep all night and I will be buying it in bulk to take back to the states. The girls here joke that it’s just ground Tylenol PM … I say whatever works ;)
If she wakes now it’s usually only once and after she’s been asleep for at least six or seven hours; of course now that we have this down to a routine it’s almost time to travel home and start this vicious cycle all over again. Anyway, Steve and I have had fun taking pictures of her while she is knocked out. Steve has become quite the photographer ;)
We’ve all been reading a lot too …
Other than that there has not been too much excitement. Today is Ella Grace’s 1st birthday so we’re having a party tonight and then Ella Grace and her Mommy leave tomorrow morning. They weren’t able to change their ticket like the airline promised so they have to leave on their original departure date … drama … boo! We’re sad. The team leaves tomorrow too for Hamburg but Erin, Makayla and I are going to stay here.

Oh, I guess there has been some BIG news … like, 8lbs 14oz of big news!!!! Last Saturday Steve’s brother’s wife, Winona Fatfita, finally exploded and a beautiful baby boy was born … Dash Havili Fifita. Congrats! We can’t wait to meet you!!!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Special Post for the Fifita Ladies

Hi girls! I know you miss me sooooo much! Any update on Winnona Fatfita? Is she in labor yet or is that poor little boy still trapped?

beautiful crazy baby- 7 lbs.
big momma - 393 lbs.
watching Nona try to fit into clothes when I get home ... priceless


At least you other two aren't in the running for Fifita heavyweight at the moment.
As for me, I'm still the skinniest Fifita ... just lost another 5 lbs.

This silly wabbit is on a roll!

Miss you girls!

Makayla says, "Me miss you, Me love you, My Mommy so skinny"

I just crack myself up over here!!!! And unfortunately no pix for a couple days. The boys are coming home which means no computer for a few and the camera batteries are charging.

Let us know about that baby though!

Friday, June 01, 2007


The team left this morning for Berlin and Makayla and I decided to stay home, too much traveling for us lately. Berlin is one of the farthest games the team has to travel to so we’re going to stay here and watch the game at a bar … yes; I take my baby to bars ;)
Makayla has a new friend. Her name is Ella Grace and she is exactly 2 months older than Makayla. They have been playing the past couple days and it is too cute to watch them together. Makayla has also stood on her own a couple more times and she walks along the furniture very quickly. In fact, this morning, Makayla tested her skills in the high chair while I was getting her breakfast. We were in the breakfast room and she has a plain wooden, restaurant style high chair (with no belt) … she stood in it and did a front flip off on to the floor (it was very acrobatic). I just about had a heart attack. I dropped the food and flew through the room screaming a four letter word and still didn’t make it in time. I thought she broke her neck for sure. She was fine. If anything I thought she’s learned not to stand in her chair anymore but she was up for round two within about 5 minutes. Anyway, some of the other girls stayed home with us so we are just going to be hanging out in Frankfurt this weekend. Makayla is just the social butterfly, if we leave our door open she’ll leave (quickly) and crawl down to someone else’s room and go in if the door is open or she’ll knock … it’s so funny. She has made a playground of this hotel!

Here are some cute pix of Makayla and her new friend Ella Grace ...

... and here is Makayla Streaking through the halls ...