Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The girls' 1st day of school ...

Makayla started school on Wednesday, August 28th.  Steve and I took her to school and hung out on the playground (with other parents) so she would feel more comfortable.  I told her it's just like going to a park and not knowing anyone ... you play and after a while you make friends.  She ran to the monkey bars and went across a few times ... I could tell she was forcing herself to play and she felt awkward ... I can only imagine.  We probably went to early and gave her too much time to feel awkward ... woops.  One of the playground workers introduced Makayla to another little girl, Morgan, and Morgan took Makayla under her wing.  They  are in the same class too.  When it came time for us to leave Mak got a little emotional ... she didn't cry or throw a fit or anything but her eyes got teary and I think her nerves got the best of her.

When I picked her up from school she said she had a great day and made two new friends!  Woo hoo!  Steve and I said as long as the girls like their school, teacher, and friends we're good.

Nia's first day was today.  Mel was already ready and very excited to wake the girls up for school.

Nia had an orientation last week and today was shy as usual so I'm not sure how she felt.  I waited with her until the bell rang and walked her to her seat.  She sat very quiet  ...

Next, Malia and I were off to the gym.  She wanted to stay at school too so I convinced her that her school was at the Gold's Gym Kidz Klub ... hahahaha ... so here is a pic of Mel's first day of school!  She loved it and couldn't wait for me to leave her!  After running errands we went on the swings until naptime ;)


I will give and Update on Nia's first day and Mak's 3rd later so check back!

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