Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We're here ....


Saying goodbye was brutal.  We had to say goodbye to the boys a few days early because they left for Vegas for a football scrimmage ... everyone was crying ... except Mel and Nia who were sleeping.  

 The girls were great travelers.  After an emotional night of "see you laters" they got up super early so we could catch our flight.  Grandma came with to help the transition which was awesome.  We flew in to SLC, rented a car, and drove 2 hrs to Pocatello.


As soon as we got home the Face-timing began ... thank God for technology because everyone can "visit" often.

We took the girls to see their new school and make sure all of the registration was accurate.  They are excited to be Tendoy Tigers!

We got all of our Bengal gear and attended a few scrimmages ...

... and the girls are very excited about their new sandbox ... thank you Great Grandma and Papa Bob! ;)

Everything is pretty settled and official now .... I'm even a legal Idaho driver!

We've gone to local parks and playgrounds often and are settling in well.  We're very excited about being together in our new home.  

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